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1 Year of Blogging

Today is a bit of a mile stone. For me, anyway. It was exactly one year ago since I started this blog, A Good Life. Here’s my first bog post, It’s a Good Life, which will give you some background as to why I picked up the “pen” in the first place. (See more thoughts on the About page, as well as Why We Should Write.)

First I felt nervous. Could I really do this? I didn’t want to start something I couldn’t finish. Would I even have the time?

But just like most things in life, it went okay once I got started. Sure, it’s been hard work and many late nights, but the rewards have outmatched the sacrifices by miles. So…

maybe I’ll continue for one more year. 😉

PS. Thanks for wonderful support and encouraging comments throughout this year. Isn’t it great how we can get energized by each other? I appreciate you all!

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