Work, Patience, and Play-Doh


Louis: “Okay, Clara, are you ready to be creative?

Clara: “You know it, dad!”


Louis: “Alright, start by picking up that yellow knife.”

Clara: “Are you sure, dad? You told me never to play with knives.”


Louis: “Thanks, sweety, for listening to dad, but this one is made of plastic.”

Clara: “Oh, fun! Then I can go like this!”

Louis: “Well, I think it’s more useful in other ways…”


Clara: “Ah, I see! Like this, perhaps?”

Louis: “Uh…well.. maybe?”


Johannes: “Here, Clara, why don’t you mold something out of this instead.”

Clara: “Gee… thanks, brother!”


Clara: “Uh… dad! I’ve stared at this dough for a whole minute now. It’s not molding into anything!

Louis: “You have to work at it with patience!”


Clara: “You’re kidding, right? I’m not even two years old, and you think I can put together words like ‘work’ and ‘patience’. No, you do something with this!”


Louis: Okay, honey. This is for you, just to let you know I love you!”


Clara: “Wow! Thanks, dad! You’re really good at this work and patience stuff!”

Louis “Well… what can I say?”

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