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What a Bugger!

The other day the whole family gathered around the kitchen table to make some Christmas gift. We had a fun time and I decided to get the camera out to document the event. What happened next wasn’t really what I had in mind to document, but I thought it was very cute… and funny (but Clara will hate me for it when she becomes a teenager).

Here Clara gets ready to do some painting.

Suddenly she stops, and she turns her attention to her nose instead. Something inside it seems to distract her.

Clara: Eeuuhh! What i big one!

Clara: “Daddy, do you want it? Me: “No, sweety… but I’m sure your mother would be thrilled!”

Clara: “Okay! Here, mom! (Check out  Isak’s look.) Angelica: “Haha… no thanks, that’s daddy’s field of expertise!” Me: What!?

Clara: “Common, daddy! Pleeeeease!” Me: “Alright… I’ll help you! But only cause I love you!”

Clara: “Thanks, daddy! Now I’m ready to paint again. And I’m gonna start with your nose!” Me: “Wow… thanks, honey! Just what I was hoping for!” 😉

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