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The Reluctant Mummy

Preparing for trick-or-treat.


“Dad, I’m not sure about this?”

“What do you mean, Johannes? Don’t you want to get lots of candy?”


“Yeah, but not like this! The other kids will laugh their heads off!”

“No they won’t! You look great! And in worst case, people will feel sorrow for you and give you even more candy!”


“Are you sure about that?”

Of course, son!” Would I lie to you?”

“Ehh… do I have to answer that?”


“Common handsome! Get over there with your ghostly brother. And give me a smile!”


“Good enough! Now get out there and bring back to your da… I mean to yourselves lots of goodies! And eh… if you need some help eating that stuff later – just so you don’t get a stomach ache –  I’m always here to help!”

“Thanks, dad! Always willing to serve, right?”

“Absolutely! That’s me!”

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