The Finisher

This is my favorite photo from Vasatrampet. Maybe it’s a mean thing to say, considering that this older man had to walk 500 meters with his broken bike in his hands – and he wasn’t very happy.

He said that some kids had thrown a big rock on the road, and that he ruined his tire when he ran over it. I asked him if he had seen who the pranksters were, but he admitted to seeing noone although he kept insisting it must have been some kids.

Later I spoke with some other cyklists who had encountered this man during the race. They said he was really grumpy and kept yelling to everyone what they did wrong.

I smiled to myself. Maybe it wasn’t kids after all? Perhaps it was divine intervention. As the Swedish saying goes: God punishes some people straight away (Somliga straffar Gud genast) 🙂

But I have to hand it to him: He did finish the race!


“Heja, heja, heja!”

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