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Take Control (2): Be Good

So in which end do we start if we want to take control of our lives? How about with the following truth: We reap what we sow. I believe most people, deep down inside, want a life filled with goodness. Doing good, then, has to be our first task. Because when we strive to do good, good will be our reward. No matter what faith or conviction we might have in life, this is universally true: The first step in gaining control of our lives is deciding to do the right thing. Period.

What is the right thing then? What is “good”? Well, we could spend hours debating that, I suppose, but here’s a thought. I believe it’s all about making decisions that lead to lasting joy and happiness, not to temporary and fleeting thrills. Take the example, in my previous post, with our radio DJ, the one who vowed not to drink or smoke. Some people may say to her: “Oh, I feel sorry for you, that you can’t do whatever you want!” They might think her freedom is limited. On the contrary, I would say her freedom is complete; she can choose to do whatever she wants; she has the power to choose both good and bad. But a person with any kind of addiction is never free to choose. He gave up that right the very moment became addicted. He can only choose the bad. Why? Because it’s controlling him, leaving him with no choice. If this is the state of our being, no real freedom can be experienced; hence, no real control. We become like birds who loose their ability to fly.

Take care of your wings. They are your ticket to freedom.

Now, this is not only about alcohol and tobacco, of course. It was just an example to illustrate a principle:

It is better to be in control than being controlled.

I guess I’m trying to say that doing “good” has to do with taking care of yourself and being kind to yourself. If you have a bad habit that ties you down and makes you unhappy, get rid of it! The surest way in gaining self esteem is the practice of self control. Say no to things you don’t want to do! Listen to your heart instead of group or media pressure. Remember, you are in charge! Knowing that, doesn’t it make you feel good? If something is stopping you from living all your dreams and living up to your full potential, get rid of those obstacles and stick to the program that you want – that which you have chosen.

The spider can build his own web. Can we?

To be continued…

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