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Why "sound of Freedom" is the most important movie of the year

Today is 4th of July. Happy Birthday, USA!

If you are an American or care about America, you must see this film that has its premiere today: ”Sound of Freedom”. Let me try to explain.

The film starres Jim Caviezel (The Passion of the Christ) playing the role of Tim Ballard, a former CIA and DHS agent. Tim, who also happens to share my religious faith, is the founder of Operation Underground Railroad, a non-profit organisation that has rescued thousands of children from sex-trafficking. The film is a true story based on one of Tim’s rescue operations.

Hollywood has not produced this film. It wouldn’t touch the script; the topic is much too sensitive for its executives. (I won’t go into details now but I predict there will be some very uncomfortable news related to high Hollywood profiles coming soon related to this issue). The film is produced instead by Angel Studios (behind the successful ”The Chosen”). The film company is determined to help Tim and Jim in their fight against child sex-trafficking.

But they need our help. You can show support for this immensely important cause by going to the Angel app or clicking here to buy tickets. Their goal is selling 2 million tickets for 2 million trafficked children.

Did you you that the child sex-trafficking industry is the fastest growing crime network in the world, bringing in an annual revenue of 34 billion dollars? As a referens, the global airline industry combined draws in 22 billion dollars. That’s insane! And what’s more insane is that the revenue from child trafficking is surpassing illegal arms trade and getting close to surpassing global drug trade. It’s simply incomprehensible!

One of the reasons I bring this up on 4th of July - apart from the movie release today - is that USA is nr 3 for destination countries for child trafficking, and nr 1 for child rape videos. This is pure evil. And what’s worse, President Biden and his VP Harris are turning their blind eye, claiming the border is secure when it is anything but secure. They know exactly what’s going on: in this very moment, thousands are flooding the Mexican-US border; 345 000 children have been smuggled across the border on the Biden/Harris watch; 85 000 of those are nowhere to be found. Tim Ballard, who worked 12 years as a border agent claims that most of those children have been sold to sex-traffickers, suffering unspeakable horrors and eventual loss of life.

I don’t care which party you vote for, but my advice to Americans is that you do your best to vote out of office any political leaders - from whatever party they belong to - that ignore such human suffering for the sake of power or political gain (In this particular case Biden believes open borders will bring him more votes).

I greatly fear for America. The country loosing its values on so many levels, and I just can’t see how evils like this can go unpunished - whether you believe in God, karma or whatever! It’s simply the law of the harvest: each country will eventually reap what it sows.

But… as long as there are people like Tim Ballard and Jim Caviezel (and there are many others) we still have some hope. Please give your support today!

Happy Birthday, USA! Just keep fighting the evil, and you’ll be okay.

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