September 2008 Overview

I think this may have been a record in number of posts for a month: 17 posts. So it’s been quite busy here at A Good Life. The Family Columns are being written, as usual, as well as some “regular” posts. But this month I started to get more serious with my photos also. I have so many that I need to organize and put into right folders etc, so this work will continue in October also – if it’s okay with you?

COLUMNS Am I Rich or Poor? Things may not be as they seem. Sometimes You Just Have to Jump Daring to take the leap. Love is a Strange Thing About my wife going to New York… and I missing her. Dad Becomes Mom About being the dad and mom while wife is away.

PHOTO POSTS Insects Small things Creeping Things Not so creepy. From the Light Side Funny pics Swimming Dog A dog that… swims. One of my own favorites.

BLOG POSTS Macho does not Prove Mucho A qoute and some thought on how to be a real man. Come Unto Christ Spiritual thought about coming to the Saviour. Box of Chocolates A famous life qoute

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Hakuna matata! 😉

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It’s Not Easy For Us Men

Automatic translation of text VI MÄN HAR DET INTE SÅ LÄTT Vad gör man inte för att hålla denna blogg vid liv? Egentligen borde jag ligga kvar i sängen för att vila min rossliga hals och mitt bultande