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Photos – Södertälje Party (2)

Here are all of the artist’s photos, in slide shows, from the Södertälje party. I didn’t always get the best position for these shots, so I’m not pleased with all of them, but hopefully there are some in here you like. If you wonder, by the way, these are all nice people. I wish them all the best, especially Charlotte who will compete for Sweden soon in the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest. If you click on her link you’ll see some ready made winning pictures (just in case she could win – which she’s got a shot at).

Charlotte Perelli (Winner of the Swedish Eurovision Song Contest) Nordman (Håkan Hemlin) Magnus Karlsson Andrés Esteche Jan Johansen Pernilla Wahlgren Tommy Nilsson

Click here to get to the Music Photo page with a complete list of artists.

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