Photos of Mimmi Sandén

I wrote in my last post about the grand opening of Limited Too in Scandinavia, and showed some photos of the new supertrio E.M.D. Here are some more photos of the other singing act at the opening, Mimmi Sandén. She is twelve years old and has, in my opinion, one of the best young voices I’ve ever heard. Last year, I think she grabbed second place in the Swedish version of “America´s got talent”. And the wondrous thing is that she’s got two older sisters who are equally talented, Molly and Frida. My prediction is that they soon will have the world at their feet.

Click here for photos of Mimmi Sandén (with my brother Richard Herrey at Limited Too’s grand opening)


Please click here for Mimmi’s MySpace page, and listen to some beautiful recordings.

Best of luck to you, Mimmi!

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