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Photos: Carola

Last week I wrote about meeting Carola again, at the Siemens celebration in Norrköping (see Celebrity Gossip). Of course, it was really nice talking to her, but also to have the chance to take a few photos. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to take any shots during her performance, but here are a few during rehearsals.

Testing the in-ear monitor (the transmitter is the little black box)

Lights on.

Testing with film crew. This is my favorite.

Carola is a professional in every aspect of the word. More than any artist I know, she takes time to check, and double-check (and often triple-check) everything included in her number: from encouraging the band members to play with more energy to fixing the feedback hearing in her ear, like in in this photo (it gave her some trouble). But I like that part about her: always wanting to give her audience the very best.

A smile we all recognize.

This is an interesting shot. I’m not sure if Carola would like it, but I think it shows a lot of energy. The original color didn’t turn out that great, so I changed it to black and white, and roughed it up a little in Photoshop to match the feeling of the object. I don’t know… but I kind of like it!

Or another version, perhaps? When I saw the original I was also reminded of an image from Star Wars, Empire Strikes Back, when Han-Solo was put into some kind of hyper-freeze (or whatever it was called). I thought Carola’s expression looked similar to Han-Solo’s, so I gave her an hyper-freeze as well. Who said Photoshop wasn’t fun!? Now all we gotta do is to give her some anti-freeze… 😉

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