October 2008 Overview

I know, this is really late! But… at least I have done it. Here’s what was done in October.

COLUMNS What’s My Actual Worth A little bit of self irony in two very funny situations. Life-line A reflection on the importance of holding on to God’s word, our life-line. How is Your Conscience Today? Fun story about listening to that inner voice. Braindead What we really think of people that litter. Learning to Enjoy People How to better cope with people.

FAITH & MOTIVATION Life-line Being safe holding on to God’s word. Window of the Soul Keeping your eyes focused on God’s glory. Isak’s Baptism The Faith of a Child.

PHOTO How is Your Conscience Today? Autumn images. Window of the Soul A pretty cool eye, macro style. More Photos on the Light Side More humor photos. One Year of Blogging A few Louis-portraits The Freedom to Eat A wonderfully funny photo of a hungry child. Isak 8 Years Old Lots of photos of a happy son. Birds Those magnificent creatures of the sky.

POETRY How do I Love Thee? By Elisabeth Barrett Browning She Walks in Beauty By Lord Byron

HUMOR What’s My Actual Worth A little bit of self irony in two very funny situations. Turbo Screan Cleaner No wonder he’s called “man’s best friend”.

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January 2009 Overview

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December 2008 Overview

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