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I’m sitting here past midnight trying to catch up on some work. Tomorrow morning Angelica will be back home. I can’t wait… for no other reason than I’ve missed her so.

But there are more of us men and fathers who have missed their spouses. I was just looking at Carl Johan’s blog. He’s married to Matilda, one of Angelica’s travel partners. He also did the solo-father week. They have a wonderful family blog with beautiful photos, and some other neat stuff. Check it out.

#Family #lds #Photography

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It’s Not Easy For Us Men

Automatic translation of text VI MÄN HAR DET INTE SÅ LÄTT Vad gör man inte för att hålla denna blogg vid liv? Egentligen borde jag ligga kvar i sängen för att vila min rossliga hals och mitt bultande