Some might have noticed that lately I have been working on constructing the page, Life Motivation. It’s been somewhat of a long project, but now I am basically finished (although the page will be updated regularly).

What is Life Motivation? It’s a page where I have gathered thoughts on how to find greater motivation and inspiration in life. Most of the words are simply personal reflections, but insightful ideas of others are also included.

Frankly speaking, Life Motivation has been an important project for me personally. I have put  no small amount of thought and effort into it, hoping in the end it could be of some benefit to someone out there.

Wishing you a wonderful life – truly! Brother Louis

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Krönika i Norra Halland, 10 jan 2013 Inför det nya året gav ca 20% av svenskarna nyårslöften. Mätbara målsättningar som att gå ner i vikt, sluta röka, och motionera oftare är naturligtvis värdefulla.