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Leirdalen (2)

Here’s just a little on fishing, fotball (soccer), cows, and sheep…

The only disappointment on our week’s camp in Norway was this very lake, at least in one respect. We were promised to catch fish here, guaranteed, since they had planted a lot of them. But no, did we see any fish? Absolutely not. After countless of efforts we gave up and went skinny dipping instead. It was the most refreshing bath I ever took, even if it was only 8 degrees Celsius in the water.

Some of the young campers from both Norway and Sweden are lined up for a final in a football tournament.

To add to the spectacle we sang both national anthems. Here Johannes, Mattias, and I sing the Swedish anthem with two other vocalists, Reijo and Per.

The game is on. (The green tent to the right is ours)

Sadly, I missed Johannes 1-0 goal, but I got his reaction afterwards. He looks rather happy, wouldn’t you say?

Although not a lot of wildlife around the camp there were some cows that went roaming around. This one took I liking to me…

… or was it my camera?

There were also some sheep close by. (Apparently one of them thought there should be more sheep.)

These three, a mother with two lambs, often checked out our camp.

One morning I caught them here by the farmer’s boat. Do you have any idea of what they’re doing? They are licking the boat. Yes, licking it! There seemed to be some algae or something on the side of the boat that tasted delicious to them. Well… why not? I backed away and let them finish their breakfast.

Next post will be the last from this Norwegian camp: Exploring caves.

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