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Kolmården Wolves

Together with a large group of celebrities, brother Richard had received a tickets for the opening of Kolmården animal park. He brought me and my two sons along. It was a real nice trip.

Richard with Johannes and Isak at the gates.

The highlight for Richard and myself (but sadly not for my sons, because of the 15 year limit) was to personally visit the wolves. It was truly an unforgettable moment. I had never been this close to these magnificent animals before. Some of them were a bit hesitant at first, like the one in the photo.

But soon enough they curiously approached us.

Their fur was incredibly soft and thick, and the animals were larger than I had supposed before.

Here is the Alpha-male (the one on the right) approaching Richard…

giving him a great big kiss. This is my favorite shot.

Lili and Sussie, well known for their great work with animals, were also there.

One of the wolves had taken a liking to their camera.

This gives you an interesting behind-the-scenes look. The photographers have decides (according to directions, I’m sure) to go for images of Carolina Gynning.

Here you clearly see how the photographer is waving his arm toward Carolina.

And the wolf is obedient. As a matter of fact, this alpha-male took a serious liking to miss Gynning. (Here you see how large these wolves are.)

And the happy photographers got their shots.

Oops! there is something in that look I don’t like! “Stay clear! She’s mine!”

Before we leave Carolina gets one last kiss.

I can’t wait until my boys turn 15. Then we’ll be back to enjoy the wonderful company of these magnificent animals – without all those photographers.

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