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Gotland: Fårö

Here are some photos from Gotland, or more exact, Fårö, the most northern part. In many regards it’s an exotic place, with endless sand beaches and amazing rocky shores. And lots of sheep. Fårö literally means Sheep island (but oddly enough, we didn’t see that many sheep that day).

When we got there it was late in the day and very windy. Understandably, not a soul was on the beach. But our boys just had to swim anyway. Brave kids. It was sooo cold!

Johannes jumping from a sand dune.

My dad, Willy, jumping from the same. Did I mention he is turning 80 in May.

The traditional gather-the-kids-for-a-cute-group-photo.

This is at Langhammars where some of Gotlands most famous raukar (english?) stand erected. My mother took this photo of me. It’s looks like I am getting ready to shoot someone with my camera. Well… I guess I am… kind of!

View from the ocean.


Isak, dad, and Johannes.

This is me when I will turn into an old fossil. Don’t you just love this rock!


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