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From Sad to Glad

Photos from a cell phone

Om midsummer Friday my wife made a simple but beautiful garland of white flowers for Clara. However, our daughter was in a foul mood the first part of the day, and did not particularly enjoy wearing it.

This photo gives you a little hint of her emotional state.

In fact, she was so angry (yes, Clara CAN get angry) that she wanted to walk away.

When we got to Tyresta National Park, where there was a big Midsummer celebration, we tried to lighten her spirits a bit, but at first we were only mildly successful. Here Johannes asks Clara to smile. Hmm… well at least she tries.

But looky here! See that smile. It’s back again! I think this pony ride did it for her. Gotta put that on my to-do list: buy a pony for Clara.

Now we’re back in business. This is the Clara we like to see. But wait, I think I notice a bit of mischief in that smile. Maybe she was just tricking us all the time, just to get some attention? Could be…

Just to end, here is another midsummer beauty. She told me earlier: “Don’t show any photos of me!” Sorry, darling, this smile is just too beautiful not to show. But I tell you what, I’ll make the photo half the size of the others. That way we can say that I at least listened to you 50%. That’s not bad for a husband, is it?

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