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We are fortunate to live close to the water, so the kids and I often go fishing there. The other day was beautiful, and Isak had quite the success catching a large perch.

The problem was that he refused to hold it so I could take a photo. I worked on him for 30 minutes, but he still refused, afraid the fish was going to snap at him. It didn’t matter that I had put it to sleep. Isak was very apprehensive, to say the least. So we faked this photo where I am holding the fish for Isak. The things a parent will do…

While Isak was gathering some more courage, I went to see how Clara was doing. “Schhhh!” she told me, “you will scare the fish away.”

Gee… sorry!

Miracle of miracles. Isak is actually holding his price catch. Don’t mind that it’s now one hour later. He did it, and that’s what counts. (He just wanted to be sure the fish was really, really, really, really, really dead… really.)

Later we grilled and ate the perch. Was it tasty?

You bet!

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