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Farewell at Airport

Here are some photos from Arlanda, when Isak, Clara, and I said goodbye Angelica and Johannes. A long time ago we promised Johannes a trip to London with his mother. We wanted to give him this gift as something to look forward to when he was going through his worst trails at the hospital. Learn more…


Johannes and Angelica at the gate


Clara hugging her mother.


I know this is cheesy… but it’s kind of cute, huh?


After saying goodbye, Clara, Isak, and I decided to stay at the airport for awhile (like we often do). I mean, when here we might as well take the chance to look at the run around, look at the planes…


and push the carts around.


However, after an hour we had to sit down and rest a little. Look at that. Doesn’t that look like real sybling love? I promise you, it is. I was really happy for this shot.

Be good,


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