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Christmas Angels

On Christmas, given the nativity story and all, there’s a lot of talk about angels. But I think angels can be embodied in many different persons. My wife, for example, is an angel (even named Angelica = the angel-like). My children are also angels… most of the time. And this week they’ve proved it by helping out with lots of Christmas preparations, like here when they helped decorate our tree. (Isak is putting on the star on top of our plastic tree… yes, we do think of the environment.)


A sweet thing happened to me early Saturday morning, on Lucia-day. I had stayed up really late the night before, working on some blog technicalities, so I was dead asleep when I heard something. In my dream I heard sweet children’s voices, singing to me. It took me awhile to wake up from my slumber, and right before my mind was clear I felt confused somehow. Here were these voices again, but in real life. And I saw someone dressed in white walk into my room, with a light in her hand. My first thought was: is it my birthday already? Didn’t I just turn 42 last month? My other thought was: where am I? Have you ever felt that way, that when you sometimes wake up you feel like you’ve lost your bearings.

But all of this only lasted for a few seconds. Then I realized that the angel voices in my dream were the same as the angel voices of my children, and of Angelica who was backing them up.


This is how they looked, our little Lucia with her two helpers. It was the first time Clara got to play the part of this well-loved saint that we always commemorate here in Sweden, 13 December.


Together, three angels. I like the look on Clara’s face. 😉

I have one last thought: why don’t we start to appreciate more the kind acts that are done for us by people we encounter every day. And then, why not try to be more angel-like ourselves. I think we all have need to improve some of those angelic qualities. You know, it could be fun! And then you make people happy! Is there something better than that?


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