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Bye Bye Winter (2): Happy Easter

Just some last of the last winter photos. These are taken in recently in Mariefred, in a place called Hjorthagen (the red deer haven). We like to go there as a family.

This is as close as we could get to the deer without seeing them run off.

They are simply beautiful.

“But they stink!” says Isak. (Talk about ruining the moment)

But Johannes stays awhile to enjoy the moment.

Everyone is happy (and beautiful) when spring is in the air…

Nature too.

We start to head back to Mariefred. Clara leads the way.

Mother and son.

Lake Mälaren was still frozen over when we got to Mariefred (it’s by the water). I couldn’t resist taking this shot of a girl playing with her dog. Who’s having the most fun?

Here are my four reasons for living.

We made this heart for you, so you don’t forget to love each other, even as Jesus loves you. After all, he is the reason we celebrate Easter. And we do it to remember that in the end He conquered all. And how did he do that?

Through love.

God bless, Louis

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