And the new President is…


I sincerely pray that God’s blessings and inspiration will be with these men, whom I admire very much. I have followed their lives closely, and I see three persons with humble hearts, willing do whatever it takes to serve the Lord by serving mankind. This is what they have dedicated their lives to doing – 24/7. I encourage all of you to listen to their counsel. They won’t lead you astray. I promise. And as I mentioned before, a good way to see if someone is really speaking for God, you just have to test their words. Then you’ll know.

I don’t want to give a long sermon again, but I just want to add, shortly, how grateful I am to belong to a Church where there can never be any bickering or contention as to who will be the next leader of Church. There is a set pattern that eliminates “any trace of internal lobbying for position or rank”. The Church has a system that simply does not encourage “personal aspiration for leadership”. Learn more about this great Order of Succession in the Presidency of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

God bless…


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